"Adam is and amazing teacher with a wealth of knowledge and experience. He is always prepared for class and makes sure his students are equally ready for whatever he has in store for the class ahead. As a teacher he is energetic and warm, making it a joy to walk into class each week. I can't speak highly enough of Adam


"I worked with Adam at Tokyo Disneyland's 'One Man's dream' for 15 months. Adam was a consummate professional, and even under the most stressful or difficult circumstances, Adam was always a beacon of light. His positive attitude was a joy to be around. Not only did he perform each show as if it was his first, he was humble, kind and a true leader amongst the cast."


"Adam is one of the most incredible teachers I have ever had teach me. His choreography is like nothing I have ever been taught before and it pushes me to to my fullest potential. He always walks into the studio with a positive attitude and never fails to make his class smile."


"Working with Adam is absolutely amazing. I have learnt many new techniques with him but I was also thought motivation technique. Adam always pushes you to do your best while still enjoying your dance and having fun with it. He has such a unique teaching style that is playful but also educational. He is such an incredible guy to work with and has such a brilliant mind for coming up with choreography. Loved every minute with him."


"I have been taught by you many times and have never seen you bring any less than 110% energy and enthusiasm in your classes. You give us just as much as you expect back which is a whole lot and pushes us to work to our limits every time.

Any time I leave your class no matter how tired I am from the killer cardio, tech sequences or combos, I always feel energised and accomplished afterwards."


"Adam has been a huge inspiration for our dancers. He was able to challenge them beyond what they thought was capable, all the while being kind, supportive and nurturing. I cannot recommend this amazing human enough! We cannot to wait to work Adam much more in the future."


"Adam is an extremely talented, passionate and driven teacher who completely devotes himself to his students through challenging, nurturing and guiding his students past their potential. The creative and performance opportunities that Adam creates for his students through his extensive knowledge and experience in the industry allows for understanding and preparation to be gained for the professional world in all areas.

His energy, passion and love for the creative and performing arts and entertainment is infectious and creates such a positive and uplifting environment to train in. I cannot speak more highly of Adam and am so incredibly grateful that I was able to be taught by him."


"Adam is such an enthusiastic and energetic teacher who always strives for the best in his students! His ability to push us to our limits is phenomenal in both cardio, fitness, technique and performance. His classes are always the best time and he is always willing to answer any questions we ask. Adams corrections and feedback is helpful, inspiring and detailed and his years of knowledge and experience he brings to his classes are amazing!"


"Adam Robbins is one of the best people I have worked with. He is a true professional and a fantastic dance partner. Lifting and partner work with Adam is always a dream and easy, which can be hard to come by in the professional world. Plus his positive energy and infectious smile light up the rehearsal room and stage"