Industry Knowledge Workshop


Industry Knowledge Workshop

Are you audition ready? Well, you will be after the Industry Knowledge Workshop! Students will the opportunity to be physically educated on what it takes to succeed, as well as be mentored through things such as audition preparations - Styling, CVs, Headshots, Showreel. Popular learning methods such as mock auditions, are one of many tools used to offer students feedback to better understand the audition process.

With audition tours visiting Australian cities more frequently and online submissions being accepted with many companies, cruise line and theme park employment opportunities are becoming more and more accessible and as a result, competitive. Through sharing personal experience, this workshop will allow students to fully comprehend the experience of performing abroad, gain the best tips and tricks for the audition process, and ultimately have a successful contract! 


Allow aspiring professional performers to be prepared for this growing industry!


Open Class Workshop

This fun and energetic atmosphere, with an industry professional will motivate and educate aspiring/recreational performers to learn skills and knowledge through a class environment. Focusing on condition, technical exercises and choreography, this workshop offers students a productive and professional opportunity to come together, learn and have fun. 


Performance Routine Choreography

Bring any concept to life through an effective and dynamic routine for competitions and performances. These routines can be choreographed in an all day workshop with the possibility of periodic clean up sessions. Alternatively, can be offered over an instalment of classes.

Routines will be choreographed to showcase the dancers strengths, to create a high-impact, visually pleasing performance.


One-on-one Choreography and Career Mentoring

Working closely to create and perfect personalised routines for various ages and abilities. Celebrate strengths and work on weakness through intimate one-on-one mentoring with Adam Robins.


Also offered is guidance and assistance focusing of resumes, headshots, showreels, career goals and preparations for pre-professional performers.


Adam can also work to direct, build and edit high quality showreels that'll stand out above the rest. Adam has received praise from professionals such as casting directors, for the outstanding presentation and design of his performance reels.

Outer-Region Workshop


These workshops will make dance education more accessible to those in more remote areas. Workshops will inspire and motivate aspiring performers towards success, and offers an opportunity to discuss any queries relevant to work in the entertainment industry. It also provides an opportunity for students to consider other possible avenues available in order to guide them closer to achieving their performance goals. Not only will students be able to dance with an industry professional, but they will also get to  ask valuable questions.

Permanent Class Teaching

Weekly set classes serve many purposes, not only to work on technical abilities and performance skills, but also can be used to devise and work towards performance choreography for upcoming events.


Event Entertainment and Creative Assistance 

Adam is passionate about creating and bringing concepts to life through his craft of performing!


Creating personalised performances for events and functions will add more excitement to any event. Sourcing local talent and taking care of everything from music to costuming. This specialised event-entertainment service will stage performances that cater for each events requirements.


Also, Adam is offering his choreography and creative services to assist other production projects such as stage shows, film production etc. 



Seeking enthusiastic male professional performer with an accomplished resume? Passionate and eager to perform, Adam Robins is available for freelance and contracted performance work. Adam prides himself on his strong performance skills, leadership capabilities and professionalism. Cv available to view and download.


For bookings, inquiries, negotiations and further information, please contact


Adam Robins

Brisbane / Sunshine Coast


+61 466 399 213

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